It took a while, but now the pictures of my farewell as the caretaker of the Digna and Zeelandiahoeve.
A big farewell where I am well-indulged and praised for all services rendered during the 16 years that I have been a caretaker there.
I am not a person of farewell in great interest, but it did me good. The last 5 years have been tiring years because of many changes in my job. As a caretaker you were close to the people which I also loved.
As a caretaker you did the front and final admission of the houses when the resident (star) left. Always nice you were involved in the process of the one who left, but also assisted you in any takeover of furniture or carpets with the new resident (s). So you knew who went away and who came in. This was abolished after a merger. The viewing of homes was also taken away from us. After the merger, no house keys from the vacant houses could remain with the caretaker, they have to go to the head office in Amsterdam. From there, there came a colleague with a car to do the sightseeing, while a caretaker was present.
The following presented itself, one had to do plenty of courses and many more meetings. This was impossible for me to learn, learning at school or on a course has always been a problem for me.
Can put a lot more here, but then it will be a very long story, so I'll conclude that the mercy was that my review was not good the last time!
Well my work was more than fine, at my farewell speech my supervisor told me that I had high marks, even eights and nines. But the fact that I could not do courses and quickly got lost in the meetings was much more important for the housing company I worked for. When I also got to hear that I had to go into conversations with a psychiatrist, that was all the mercy blow.
I started looking if I could stop with my 65th, after all, have been sitting for more than 50 years.
To this day I have no regrets, it is so wonderful. Because of this good feeling I do not have any resentment to what happened!