Nog steeds zijn ze te koop, de boeken die ik geschreven heb. Zie de link: Mijn boeken.

Good morning dear readers,
on this beautiful winter day I will tell you a nice story.

Because I am a passionate garden lover, I have already made the garden a bit cozier.
I did this by hanging planters with violins.
That is a happy face in the middle of winter and makes you feel warm inside.
After we have planted a beautiful hedge of Photinias in the autumn, a beautiful green hedge throughout the year, with bright red leaves in the spring. A pleasure to see that.
As a result, the fence disappeared, because the Photinia's came into bins for the fence, and then we could not place hanging basins with Surfinia on that spot in summer.
So we had to buy new hanging baskets with different hooks.
Well, then you also buy Violins right away to use these containers immediately.

We bought these planters and Violins from Global Garden, a beautiful garden center in Zwaanshoek.
It is already a pleasure to stay there, good care of a very diverse range of plants and all kinds of other things.
But also the outdoor event is very big, can hardly wait until the spring is to spend a long time there.
For tips to cover the garden all year round, they have also created a beautiful year calendar on their site, namely

Am afraid we will go there many times together, Marja and this boy. And then try to leave as much as possible our wallet, hahahahahaha.