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Yes indeed it is exhausting. I wrote this story at the time that Geert Wilders had once again turned out badly. Of course it is immediately a smashing Geert Wilders. Of course he had to express himself a bit more nuanced. Because today people have to slaughter each other instead of just following their own ideals.
Wilders means I think what you hear in so many living rooms, that these wheel turners have to be dealt with, and that is in my eyes of all kinds of nationalities. So also the annoying Dutch wheel turners. But if you live in such a neighborhood where it is only Moroccan wheel turners, then you are inclined to focus only on that group.
If you want to raise an accusing finger, you can always. I think we are giving away the Netherlands. I think we should leave Europe, I think that every country should take care of itself. Every country has its own culture and they are sometimes so different that you can not merge into a Europe one. Then it is easy to point out to those who have employed it as guilty. No, it is actually better to put your energy into your own ideals and try to promote and realize them.
You also see it in football for example. If you are a supporter of a club, encourage them. Be happy and happy when they win, be sad when they lose, but stop playing after the match against another club. Of course you can call in a stadium 'boe' or whistle if a violation is made, but opponents with heavy abuse or with physical violence attack, it is not the intention. There you only grow hatred. Never forget that your own team sometimes goes wrong.
Even people are put in a building, which they do voluntarily, and then have to go and finish each other for everything, otherwise the viewer does not find it interesting.
I mean, it seems like everything is geared up to finish each other.
People want to manipulate everything. We are getting older and older. But how are you kept alive sometimes. There are far-reaching treatments that go completely against nature. Of course if these are minor interventions that you can save or stretch a person's life with who would not. And now I know that there are people who will say that it is a chance to live a little longer. If someone else wants to, he or she should know that for themselves, but I certainly will not choose to take a life-stretching chemo or something. So I decide on my own choice, but do not say to someone else that he or she should not do it.
Ha, ha, this is a difficult subject! For there is no man who does not do it, to meddle with another. We have all raised an accusing finger at someone, we can not resist. No one but no one is perfect and sometimes we have to be called to account, really!
But those little things are not about now. It is more for each other to make out and finish. Politics for example. It has been nothing more than to massacre each other in recent years. They, too, must represent man instead of attacking each other, they must only promote their own ideals and thereby win votes and then do their best to achieve them.
So Geert is an example for you.I can also easily say that I do not agree with Europe. I can also shout fanatically here that those lazy Greeks have to earn their own money, I can also say very loudly here that those Bulgarians have to rot to their own country. I cycle from Pool to Pool in the morning, taking guests into our places and homes. They also have additional benefits with health insurance, which is an idiotry in this country. I'm sure I'll have enough people around me who call me right, because that's what we're talking about at home? And then I mean it too!But then, when I start calling such things in front of the TV, people also revolt and they want to bring me down and call this is 'discrimination', that's the way it is. One is just waiting for this opportunity to get something out of it.Likewise in politics. Secretly they do not mind what Geert Wilders did, this is the chance to win more souls for their party. So I put that egg again.
Very slowly came to me the realization that I have to focus more and more on myself. First take care of myself, then possibly help people. I do not have that financial capital, but in the physical way. Always find it nice to help someone where I can, it gives a good feeling, you get energy from it.
A wise lesson is that if something happens that is not nice or good, first guessing with me or coming through me instead of the one that went wrong. Take the time before I respond, take a break. Often you find out that you are partly responsible and that it can also be communication. And then hope that there is a good answer or solution.
But I have to admit, since I have been projecting everything on myself first, I have become stronger and have much less stress. Also much quieter and that is paying off in better performance. Both on the work surface and also on the sporting level. I got a huge amount of energy. I felt an enormous calm coming over me.
A few years ago I was googling on the internet for a new book to read. My feeling indicated that I had to read something different than what I often liked. I like to read fantasy or magic books but now it felt different. I found a book with the title KI power from the inside. Read the short description a few times and got a nice shiver of it, but I still clicked it away. Went further searching but did not find anything I liked. Finally back to the book and without further thought I ordered and paid for this book. This book has taken hold of me and changes my entire way of thinking of life. It has not stayed with reading, now I do a lot of exercises from what I got from the book. Also bought the book with the shortened pieces or the KI handbook with all kinds of exercises.
What I got from the book was also that you had to enjoy more on the day you lived. Not the past and not the future, no the day of NOW! That does not mean that you have to leave everything that is happening in your life and what needs to be arranged for the future, then you will also meet yourself again.
I also enjoy nature even more, even more as I have always done, on this planet. I always wonder about miracle, but also know that it can be very strong and can focus on us. We humans think that we are quite a lot, but oh so we are so void, with a simple disturbance in our body we can disappear from this ground and then I am not talking about the forces of nature. We are dots that can be swept away just like that.
When I think or tease again so exhausting, I quickly retire to my inner strength to get out of it again. For me it really helps! We humans are all creatures that can do good, that can do stupid and sometimes can do very bad things, no one except!
I find the world exhausting lately and I am often tired of fighting.But still I always find the moments to do nice and cozy things. It is something that we all have to deal with.

I finish as I started "Exhausting".