Since April I am plowing and peeing on this new Schilte bin to make something of it. In April we received 6 new shuffle boxes. Five for sjoelclub Aalsmeer and one for ourselves.

These shuffle boxes had a new bottom, a different kind of wood. If there are new bins for the club, we will go home in the summer months in shouldering, so if we start in September the sharpness will have a little bit of it. The first thing I noticed was that there were no hairs on the bottom like the old new bins. You went before shuffling first with turn movements rubbing the shuffles over the tray so that most hairs were gone. You could not powder the first time (potato flour) until it was a feeling that the hairs were gone.

This was not the case with the new, different type of wood. At first you thought 'that's nice, they're sliding better'. In the beginning every new bucket is fickle with lashes and are therefore very jumpy. Difficult to combine with the stones, a small mistake and it is almost impossible to get right. What I did notice was that 'throwing' was better because the bins showed little difference. That was of course an advantage and all in all I was not negative about these shuffleboards.
But oh nine months later, I have received many doubts with this material. Combining is still a drama. Have the feeling that the shuffles, which I think are also lacquered, have absolutely no bond with the bottom plate of the tank. After nine months it is still fighting on these bins. At home I always threw around 1300 but now I do not get any further than around 1170 and sometimes with art and flying work I get a tight 1200.

At the club ditto, nice good series on the old bins, but on these new bins you mess about your average of the whole evening. And not only I see it around me. Nowadays, new shuffleboards need a certain amount of time to be tamed, but there is still no sight on these bins.

Then, in my mind, why does this change happen again? You also never get to hear why other material was used. Has it ever happened that all shuffles had to be replaced, also took me years to get it back under control. Maybe it is not a problem for the handful of top lashers, I can get some comments about this, but for a lot of lower lashes is a huge fight to get a little closer to your average.
Somewhere I have heard a story about the bottom plate of the shuffleboard becoming too bald too soon. Well that is a few then, because with us at the club that is not reflected. Sometimes you sometimes think 'I still feel like it like that', but since I have been shuffling for almost 41 years now, you do not just throw that aside.
So we're just trying ... we just practice ... .we just try ... we train.

SOUND !!!!